Die Kinder von Choice for Life

160 Kinder und ihre Pflegefamilien werden durch Choice for Life begleitet und unterstützt. Schulgebühren, Essensprogramme, Medizin,Mikroprojekte... Damit bekommen Sie eine neue Chance im leben... Dies sind ihre Gesichter.

God bless you till you get shocked. Collins, Kakamega

You ... care for us al lot. I know I can't give anything ..., but the only gift to give you is to put more effort in my studies to achieve my goals, so as one day I might be able to stand firm like you and support other children who are less fortunate. Cicinioups (Ships), Kakamega

I take this opportunity to thank you for your effort to make us look like children who still have their parents. Cicinioups (Ships), Kakamega

The Englishmen were wise when they said: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." I was left an orphan when I was still young. I remained like a sheep without a shepherd but for good luck I found you sponsors. Raphael Makanga, Kisa

When I was in form one I was hopeless, because my only relative is my grandmother, who was unable to pay the school fees. I was discouraged and thought that it was better to drop out of school and be a herdsboy. But in my mind was the idea that education is the key of the future. Raphael Makanga, Kisa

Every day I wa absent from school because of the school fees. The Lord came to Choose Life Africa and paid my school fees. I am very happy for what you have done for us, may God bless you. Reinhard Borike, Kisa

The headteacher has never sent me home from the day you started sponsoring me. Barasa Godwin, Kisa

I will also try better in school because of your support. May God bless you. Anita Agnas, Kilingili, Kisa

Because in some communities they think that girls should not go to school, (but) we appreciate you for your kindness that education is for everyone. Whitney Edner, Kisa

I really thank you so that you go on with your help, since we look upon you for our education. Edwin A. Mufoyongo, Shimanyiro

On behalf of all the other children being sponsored we want to thank you very much and may God bless you so much and give you more than what you have. Miyinzi Eugene, Kakamega

I am one of the sponsored children and by the mercy and grace of God I have make steps in my life. I joined your sponsorship in the year 2007 when I was in standard 7. I made it to secondary school after my KCPE in 2008. Through your support I joined form one and did my form 4 KCSE in 2012; thank you so much. Wali Silas, Kakamega

I promise you to work hard at school to achieve my goals because that is the only reward I can give you. Kevin Shikami, Kakamega

Also the feeding program in school is really helping me to be healthy and to have energy for reading and working at my school. Shadrack Mkanga, Shimanyiro